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Monday, March 21, 2011

Whoopsie Acoustic - Sayla feat Najwa + Qbe

years back... but m' still lv it!

this iz so cool!

keep it low, hit my phone when you're all alone,
we can do the whoopsie (whoops whoops)
the whoopsie (whoops whoops)
it's all love, hit it from the club to the rug at home,
we can do the whoopsie (whoops whoops)
the whoopsie (like accidentally)

i don't believe things happen by chance,
there's a fine line between love, lust and romance,
but when you crush and b-b-bust it open,
it's the same thing from here to berlin to japan,
they call it "cupid stings",
you call it "flying flings",
i call it "keep it discreet, so no more edison chen',
let's get ridiculous, so meticulous,
why ya soulmate-searchin - that's promiscuous,
why don't we get all scandalous and abandon the rules,
allow the mood, move like freaks in the pool under the moon,
i'll be the guru, glue you, take my time to cruise you,
if you cool, shoot you, put you up on youtube,
i'm sick of the rumours about me,
i'm thinkin about my family,
call it Flow 22s, wanna know more? call me,
i'm flippin the game like roti,
braggin about my whole team,
so pristene - you prolly think it's a whoopsie.


(you know it's crazy)
we never met before this, make you wanna go down like U.S dollars,
(take it easy)
i guess it's part of me, player player prince of monopoly,
(you don't have to be lonely)
i said it up in the chorus, just call and i'll be at your doorstep,
(so what you want boy?)
i'll be your whatever girl.
cause' round and round it goes
(they call it kharma),
around this town i've rose
(like casablanca),
but dont get me all confused
(with casanovas),
i like O.N.S-es, stewardesses,
a model or two i can call princesses.


some of my exes' so possessive,
can't find a man that's so impressive,
so they stay passive (damn),
stay positive ma'am,
he might be able to attempt what i can,
since then i've to say i've been minglin a little,
tryin to find the right girl to fall like hansel and gratel,
wanna rock cradles, but not tonight,
he's to your left, to your left, i'm your mr.right,
we could head over to the club or just homeward bound,
we could rock it up a little or just slow it down,
we could sip a little, trip a little - back in the crib,
see if ya slip dip as well as you're movin your hips,
and go "uh-oh" when we get out of controlla,
"uh-oh", dirty like aguilera,
"uh-oh" when we get locked and loada,
"uh-oh" what you mean your man's coming over?


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