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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

TALAM MAKNYER ~ ;-) (Kuih2 Melayu)

TALAM MARBLE (with Red Beans)

exotic traditional sweet and savoury

The art of making these gooey & delicious desserts are still elusive to many people, especially for the young.
Talam Sekoteng

It is totally different from the western desserts . The creative use of colors and fragrance from banana or pandan leaves make these kuihs distinctive and will stand out in a buffet crowd. yeah!!

Talam Jagung 

Most of us nowdays are familiar with western cakes, puddings and brownies and we often have a wide selection of desserts of east/west to choose from to satisfy our sweet tooth. If only our desserts are known in the west, more people will learn to make them and impress their family and friends. This also makes for a great and new potluck idea.

Talam Caribbean

 the Malay kuihs use basic ingredients like flour made from tapioca, green beans, yam, sago and palm sugar and of coz' coconut milk....  mostly steamed,

 Basically there are no rules when it comes to eating traditional Malay kuihs.

... u can eat them for breakfast ka... or light lunch or for high teas or even at nite ... :-)

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