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Friday, January 14, 2011

Shahrizat Jalil's Daughter - Izzana Saleh

The youngest and the only daughter in the family,
majored in biotechnology with a minor in chemistry and business from Cal Poly Pomona University


A young lady with a great vision and big plans, Izzana Salleh gets personal with Rubini Kamalakaran... read more  MALAYSIA TATLER

1 comment:

ebe said...

Izzana, kalau sekadar dapat project (National Feedlot) from government siap dpt soft loan RM250 million sbb mak menteri kabinet, tak payah lah nak brag about your 'great vision and big plan'. There are thousands of young Malaysians who are more academically qualified and professionally capable to run such a govt-given business (although they're probably not as hot as you, i'd give you that one). Izzana, just admit it, without your mom, you would be likely just a low level executive now in a mid tier company. Btw, a degree from Cal Poly Pomona ain't worth bragging about. It's not like it's Stanford, Berkeley or Cal Tech or paling kopak pun, UCLA ke.

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