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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Panggilan video hilang kesepian lelaki Korea

SEOUL: Lelaki Korea yang menghadapi masalah menemui cinta sejati dan dilanda kesepian kini boleh menerima panggilan video daripada teman wanita yang jelita jika mereka memuat turun perisian telefon pintar.Syarikat perisian telefon pintar Korea Selatan, Nabix melancarkan perisian ‘Sayang, ini saya’ kepada pengguna iPhone pada 30 November lalu. Sebanyak 80,000 perisian dimuat turun dalam sehari pada tempoh percuma yang dilancarkan.
Perisian ‘Sayang, ini saya’ adalah yang pertama memaparkan panggilan video model imej maya. Mina, 22, akan membuat panggilan kepada pengguna telefon pintar tiga hingga empat kali sehari.

Terdapat beberapa perisian di pasaran yang boleh menghilangkan kesunyian lelaki bujang termasuklah perisian yang memperdengarkan bunyi wanita tidur pada waktu malam. - AFP

“Honey, its me” Apple iPhone Applications that made by Nabix a South Korean developers to reduce feelings of loneliness in men

Nabix, South Korean developers, launched an application called ‘Honeys, its me!’ On 30 November last year for iPhone users. Since its first appearance, this application has been downloaded 80 thousand times every day. Only a few applications on the market that help men do not feel lonely. One is the night application where the phone will let out soft female voice.
However, application of ‘Honey, its me! “Has become the first feature that enables video calls with female virtual models, 22 years old named Mina, for three to four times every day to talk things fun.
The message that expressed by Mina for example, “Are you asleep?”, “Time for breakfast!” Or “Good night, sweet dreams.” Application allows more than 100 audio commentary which is expected to reduce feelings of loneliness in men. Application, after the free period, will sell for USD $ 1.99.
Nabix leader Kim Yoon-Kak said that they plan to develop a new version with multiple languages including English, Chinese and Japanese. In addition, the application will be made in the version of Android.

 "I've developed this application to console people for their loneliness," Kim Yoon-Kak, head of Nabix, told AFP.
Kim said usage had declined since the app went on sale for 1.99 dollars, but he planned to allow free downloads again from this week. Early reaction to Mina has been enthusiastic. "It's a blessing for all single men," praised one of the users on Twitter. "Mina called me while I was working overtime. This is just great," said another.

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