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Monday, November 22, 2010


NOC A Must For Students From Sub-Saharan Countries, Says Official

By Muin Abdul Majid

DUBAI, Nov 21 (Bernama) -- Students from sub-Saharan Africa heading to universities in Malaysia are required to obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from authorities in the respective countries.

According to Higher Education Ministry secretary-general Tan Sri Dr Zulkefli A. Hassan, the decision on making the NOC a must for such students was reached a few months ago.

"They must obtain the certificate from their government before they're allowed to come to Malaysia," he told Bernama here recently.

He explained that it was part of the process of ensuring that Malaysia received only quality students from abroad.

He also expressed hope that the move would help reduce incidents of foreigners abusing the Malaysian student visa system.

"Some people would disguise as students to enter the country. And instead of going to universities, they do other things that go against our law and so on," Dr Zulkefli said.

Dr Zulkefli was in Dubai to open the newly-relocated Malaysian education office in Mankhool.

To a question, he pointed out that the ministry would be wooing more and more quality students from overseas.

"Quality can be gauged by the fact that students are being sponsored by their countries or agencies," he said.

"In our case, whenever we send our students abroad, we select the best. As sponsored students, they'll have to go through a preparatory process and so on. Likewise, they (foreign students heading to Malaysia) should be among the best," he added.

Dr Zulkefli acknowledged the prevailing stiff competition among countries as they aimed to become exporters of education, just like Malaysia.

"I would say that we're quite confident about what we've done so far. You can get quality higher education in Malaysia at cheaper or comparable prices than those offered in some other countries," he said.

The secretary-general also alluded to the fact that Malaysia offered a comparatively safe environment for foreign students.

He observed that students from some Middle Eastern countries may face difficulties to go to the West to pursue their education.

"Malaysia has been a very good alternative for them," he said.

Adalah langkah ini dapat atasi masalah pelajar asing di malaysia?
kena tengokla dulu ya..
Tapi kalau diorang ni buat hal memacam jugak, apa gomen diorang boleh buat? & apa gomen kita boleh buat gak?? 
Apa-apa pun kita tunggu dan lihat.

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