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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Supremo FI Lebam dan Pengsan Kena Belasah!

FORMULA One supremo Bernie Ecclestone unveils his injuries yesterday after his savage mugging.
The 80-year-old - ambushed with new girlfriend Fabiana Flosi, 31 - said as he lifted his dark glasses: 
"I'm OK."
Battered Bernie, sporting a horrific black eye and cuts, spoke outside the London HQ of his empire where four robbers punched and kicked him to the ground.

He earlier admitted: "I'm feeling it now - it was a good whacking. They said nothing to me, just went on the attack. I took a kick or two in the head and went unconscious.

Fabiana Flosi ... yesterday

"They took our watches and a few other bits and pieces but I never carry much money or expensive jewellery. I see a figure of £200,000 mentioned, but that's b******s.

"They won't be going far on what they took off us."

Bernie - whose Brazilian model girlfriend had her earrings torn out in Wednesday's attack - defiantly returned to work just hours after treatment for a head injury. Cops hunting the gang fear the muggers are stalking the rich and famous.

Bernie's daughter Tamara, 26 - whose mum Slavica, 53, was divorced by the pint-sized billionaire last year - said: "This has happened to a lot of friends and now family. It's hideous they could attack someone of his age."

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